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RE: wood works

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The down loaded acad metafile is a ghost image of the 
acad drawing. You have to redraw the walls
in the analysis. I liked wood works for the framing
but again all has to be drawn once in acad and then 
in wood works and partially again to transfer results back 
into the acad drawings.

The Program that was started by Dennis Wish and is available 
at the seaint web site has potential. It needs more checks.  It is 
not a proprietary product and one is free to change it at will.

The rigid diaphragm portion has some improvements 
to check diagonal walls. Recently I discovered that the input from the
flexible diaphragm was causing the rigid diaphragm part to combine
both directions of earthquakes together. (too conservative) No wander
some think that the rigid diaphragm causes too high of demand. 

One can down load actual acad data for walls into this program. Not just 
a ghost image.

We need a name for this great program here are some ideas
"Dennis Wish Program"
"Efee" as in "Eschewed and Free"
"WooFRS WA" as in Wood Flexible and Rigid Shear Wall Analysis

David Merrick, SE