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RE: Philosophy: Seismic Design Standards

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Dear Martin, and others:

I would like to clarify a minor point from your message: the joint task 
group is a SEAOC/AISC group (that is, the California state-wide 
organization, rather than Northern California).  SEAONC took the initiative 
in proposing the project and preparing the draft, with the aid of others 
statewide as well as researchers in Japan, Canada, and India.  I make this 
distinction because, as you know, it is my hope that this project can serve 
as a model for one way that SEAOC can continue its involvement in seismic 
codes in the post-UBC era.  This clarification supports the point you made 
in your message.


Rafael Sabelli
Chair of SEAONC Seismology Steel Subcommittee

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"... supporting an effort by a joint SEAONC and AISC group to develop a new 
BRBF system..."