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European (Italian?)Designations

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CNR is the Consiglio Nasionale delle Ricerche or in English the National
Research Council.  You are right that these are the Italian Codes.  They have a
web site at  CNR 10011 is Steel Structures: Code for the
design, construction, testing, and maintenance.  I do not have these codes but I
did some Italian work a few years ago.  One thing to note is that a lot of the
Italian design requirements are legislative decrees.  You are unlikely to find
all the structural design requirements in one inclusive Italian Code.  With luck
maybe they have finally accepted the new Euro Codes.  At one time you could buy
the CNRs and UNIs on a CD-Rom (How is your Italian?!).

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Fluor Daniel
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Aaron Burkhardt <aaron(--nospam--at)> on 01/21/2000 09:51:37 AM

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Subject:  European (Italian?)Designations

Does anyone know what the following designations are or where I can find a
reference to help me? These are for structural steel and anchor bolts:

CNR 10011-88 (A code reference, I believe)

FE 360 Steel - UNI 7070 (structural steel)

class 4.8 and class 8.8 - UNI 3470 bolts
AISI 304 steel threaded bars

I am specifically looking for typical yield stresses.

Aaron J. Burkhardt, P.E.
KPFF Consulting Engineers
Portland, OR