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RE: sloped metal deck diaphragms

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Regarding a gable roof, Charles Greenlaw wrote: 

> ... the fact of the roof surfaces being pitched (rather than being
> essentially parallel to idealized horizontal loading) is not a major
> complication.  The whole matter should reveal its "mysteries" if 
> subjected to some free-body diagram modeling, complete with chasing 
> down of all the resulting boundary reactions with due attention to 
> principles of statics and strength of materials. 

I agree with the above for gable roofs but must once again ask a question 
asked here before: how do you handle a diaphragm on a "hipped roof"?  The 
resulting boundary reactions are much more difficult to obtain by 
simple free body diagrams for such a multi-planar roof.  To date I have 
not seen a "simple" answer to this problem.  (The not-so-simple answer 
is to do a finite element analysis.)