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Re: Horiz Force Factor (vehicle lift)

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I assume the C factor you reference is from the 1994 UBC.  Doesn't the
California DOT use the 1997 UBC yet?

If the vehicle lift is supported at grade, you have a nonbuilding structure.
Reference 1997 UBC Section 1634.  From Table 16-P, you would use R = 2.2.

If the vehicle lift is supported by a structure above grade, you have equipment
supported by a structure.  Reference 1997 UBC Section 1632.  From Table 16-0,
you would use ap = 2.5 and Rp = 3.0.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo


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Subject:  Horiz Force Factor (vehicle lift)

I am considering the appropriate horizontal force factor 'C' that may be
applied to a prefab vehicle lift system.  The mechanical system is composed
of four individual  steel cantilever columns with bearing plates that bolt
to an existing slab.  Would this application be encompassed in the
designation of C=0.75 (Table 16-O) for "machinery".  Please advise.