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Harie verses Hardy

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I felt obligated to send out an e-mail regarding the use of Hardipanels. I
would like to clarify that the product that I was talking about, that does
not appear to be approved for use in the City of Los Angeles, is the
Hardipanel by James Hardie. This is based on Research Report RR24862 based
on report NER-405, which states, "No product in this report is approved for
use as shear wall or horizontal diaphragms."

Here is where the clarification part comes in: Hardy Frames and Hardipanels
are two different products by two completely different manufacturers. I have
come to understand that Hardy Frames are perfectly acceptable for use as a
structural system and are approved by the City of Los Angeles for use as a
structural member. However, Hardipanels are not. Hardipanels are mostly an
architectural product, not a structural member.

Hope this clears things up. Sorry for the confusion, I hope that this
clarification can correct any previous implications that Hardy Frames are
not an acceptable structural system, when in fact they are. I certainly do
not want to ruin the reputation of a perfectly good building product.

Please feel free to correct me on any of the above information if you happen
to know otherwise. I learn something new everyday and welcome any and all


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