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As a result of your previous post, I visited the Hardie Panels web site 
(, I believe.  If not do a search using 
and search on "hardiepanel") which contains quite a bit of information.  They 
are thin, cement/fiber panels and nail spacing is at about 12 inches o.c., 

As a cement/fiber panel, I would suspect that they are very brittle.  The 
nailing schedule on the web site is for wind only.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gina T. Gobo wrote:

>>Please! I am desparate for information about Haripanels! Is there anyone in
Washington state who has used the Hardipanel for shear walls (with no
plywood backing, just hardipanel and studs). Any info will be much

PS . These are Hardipanels I am talking about, not Hardy Frames.<<