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Re: sloped metal deck diaphragms

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NRoselund(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I always make sure that there is some amount of vertical shear capacity at the
> ridge to resist the tendency toward discontinuity -- this is more important
> than the strap across the ridge that many engineers include in their design.

I don't remember if this thread was originally related only to wood
construction or not, but in any case, what types of connections have you
used at the ridge? I am thinking specifically of the cases of metal deck
on sloped bar joist roofs and plywood on wood trusses or wood rafters,
both with a 2" to 4" gap at the ridge for a continuous ridge vent.  This
question has been asked on seaint before (i.e., ridge vents in diaphragm
roofs), but I don't remember any good answers.  This made me wonder if
perhaps ridge vents are not typically used in California?

Rick Burch