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RE: Philosophy: Seismic Design Standards

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Anyone know anything about the International Perforamnce Building Code (the
performance version of the IBC)?  It was mentioned in a short little blurb
in the Jan. 2000 Building Design & Construction.  It said that the IPBC
would be available later this year.


At 11:08 AM 01/21/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>In response to Dennis's question about Vision 2000.
>Currently, the PBD subcommittee is mentally exhaused after just finishing the
>new Blue Book appendix, so we're letting them take it easy for a few
months to
>get re-aquainted with their families.  In terms of future directions, I don't
>think anyone is thinking about incorporating it into the code at any point in
>the near future.  We'd like to stand back and look at it next to other
>approaches, in particular the new methodology that will be presented in the
>upcoming SAC guidelines.  Then perhaps take the best ideas of everything to
>incorporate into a future revision.  Developing and perfecting a technical
>methodology is one thing, there are a lot of very big issues that Frank
>and others have mentioned that need to be considered.  While we are all very
>concerned about the responsibility and liability that it could impose on
>engineers, there is another aspect.  The general public inherently thinks
>all buildings are equal, regardless of age, type of construction, etc. (I'll
>grant you, we have succeded in creating a caution in their minds about URM
>construction, elevated freeways, and perhaps tilt-ups).  If we start creating
>buildings that can be graded in terms of performance, the public will
>start to think about buildings in a different manner.