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Re: drywall stud framing as a suspended truss

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Can you describe in a litte more detail how you are proposing to frame the
truss?  Is there any wood or metal backing available?
How much depth is available for the truss?

Will you be able to use screws into the backing?

You can email me privately if you like brad(--nospam--at)

I assume you have contacted USG.

Brad Friederichs
Rancho Cordova, CA

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Subject: drywall stud framing as a suspended truss

> im working ina country where lightweight cold formed sections are not
> availaible.
> I need to design a 20ft span truss to support A/c ducts and electrical
> lights, suspended ceiling etc, light stuff. Drywall wall partitiong is
> available . Can anyone tell me the structural properties of standard
> drywall or where i can get info for structural designs purposes.
> thanks
> mark francois