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RE: Which Exhibition

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Depending on your software, there are is one annual computer exposition held
in California for Structural Engineers Association. You may contact our
Webmaster at shafat(--nospam--at) or Mark Deardorff (Chair of the SEAOC Computer
Applications Committee) at MarkD(--nospam--at) to find out which Chapter is
holding this year's expo. It generally switches annually between the
Southern and Northern Chapters (Los Angeles or San Francisco).
You may also consider exhibiting at the AEC Show held in four or five cities
during the year - which is the largest event for the
Architectural/Engineering community. A search of the Internet will most like
find an appropriate link to the AEC Exposition.
I don't know if other SEA chapters hold similar Expositions but I suppose
others on the List with knowledge of this will respond.
Finally, The American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) may still have
their Wood Fair which exhibits, I think, four times a year. If your product
is useful for the wood industry (trusses, connectors, software that designs
wood structures), you may wish to contact them for information on exhibiting
at their shows.

SEAOC (Structural Engineers Association of California) has an annual
convention and provides vendors with exhibition space to display their
products. Mark Deardorff (address above) can provide you with information
related to next years convention.

Finally, you may consider advertising on the SEA International Website at by contacting Shafat Qazi (shafat(--nospam--at) who can provide
you with the information you need to link to this site.

Hope this is of help to you.
Dennis S. Wish, PE

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Subject: Which Exhibition

To all list members,

We are currently looking at releasing a product in the USA.  The
audience we are chasing consists primarily of the small to
medium sized companies that do the bulk of the light industrial,
commercial and residential designs.  To this end we are looking
at attending a suitable exhibition this year to showcase our
product and / or to look for interested organisations that might
like to act as representatives / dealers / agents.

Does anybody have any suggestions on a suitable exhibition in
the USA this year?

Thanks for your time and assistance.