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Masonry with steel upgrade

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David Merrick, SE said the following

(sic) I am request that the =

Seismic-rulers-of-the-code to consider a =

reduced minimum steel ratio that is =

dependent on an application of an adjustable =

seismic-force-amplification-factor. =

Actually Dennis, you'd better be careful about this.  Concrete design provisions
contain a minimum reinforcement ratio for bending steel (generally, 200/Fy) that
is intended to provide a reinforced moment capacity that is greater than the
cracking moment strength (due to the tensile strength of concrete).  ASD masonry
design provisions do not have a parallel definition; the minimum reinforcement
ratio is the closest thing.  If you arbitrarily permit lower reinforcing, the
result may be a wall that is essentially the same as unreinforced masonry.