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RE: Concrete Problems

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More insight.

The conical shape was because the contractor poured the piers too high.
When I made him break them to grade, he obviously operated the jackhammer in
a vertical position and sheared the top of the pier's off.  The mud is from
piss pour construction techniques.  The only reason I noted the shape was so
that everyone would know that the grade beams were bearing on the piers

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>      It sounds like there is a chemical reaction that produces
> gasses which
> flow upward through the center of the piers.  Equilibrium of pressure with
> depth would leave a conic void.  I would also look for segregation in the
> shafts of the piers where the gas flowed up through.  What is causing the
> chemical reaction?  The water in the holding pond?  Is the heat
> of hydration
> a catalyst? Something in the soil, mix or rebar?  If there was
> "mud" on top,
> then the reaction carried it there.
> Just some thoughts,
> Greg