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RE: Crane Girder Fatigue

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>Last time I was called in on that vintage crane, the top flange of the
>runway girder was deflecting laterally 3/4" when the unloaded crane passed
>over.  Scared the **** out of me when they demonstrated.  Turned out to be a
>13" long through wall crack, not a rust stain.
Since ASD has been abandoned, current analytically pure phraseology 
should be, 'Scared the **** out of me...  Turned out to be a 13" long 
_limit state_' ;-> 

Interesting thing that service failures just kind of sneak up like that. 
It'd probably been growing for 15 years, and no one noticed because it 
grew slowly and no one noticed the change from day to day. All of a 
sudden the structure goes down, and everyone stands around looking at the 
rusty crack faces wondering where the hell that came from. 

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