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Re: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Column - FR or PR Connection?

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At 09:33 AM 01/24/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>I am trying to determine whether each of the following
>connections are judged to be FR (fully restrained) or PR
>(partially restrained).

[a Chinese restaurant-length menu of offerings was set forth]

Mark, I haven't any idea about any of these options. What does occur to me
is that every one of those connections behaves the way it wants to, whatever
that happens to be. You have an exercise in steel connection psychology.

The next idea is how sad it is that energetic SE's such as yourself have
been reduced to scurrying around trying to pigeonhole all forms of
construction, in ever-finer little distinctions, into premade categories and
classifications, without which nothing can be accomplished. It seems that
structural engineering has attained that level of age and "maturity" where
everyone suffers from hardening of the categories.

The situation here is much like that unfortunate and inappropriate division
of wood diaphragms into rigid and flexible, where attention is diverted to
taxonomy and nomenclature, like with bird watching, and away from
understanding what range of actual behavior is likely to happen.

As to your specific concerns, perhaps whomever is behind these categories
has released a commentary that is informative enough to enable you to judge
the applicable category for each connection situation for yourself. If such
parties have not divulged their rationale well enough for your purposes,
then their naming system should have been rejected pending release and
verification of the rest of their story. 

The other listmember replies seem to offer some insight into making your own

Mike Valley's recent request for code philosophy input I let pass, because a
broad enough response takes a series of essays with some bite in them. This
isn't the right forum for that, and if there is a right forum, I can't think
of what it is. Those in control already have their answers. 

Charles O. Greenlaw SE  Sacramento CA

Frank McClure: you are a CC addressee; see how the reception compares.-CG.