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RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Column - FR or PR Connecti on?

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Title: RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Column - FR or PR Connection?

>> snip <.....CHARLIE CARTER, ARE YOU THERE?............>

Yes. Wherever I go, there I am. (-:

>>Please consider the following examples.  These are beam-column
>>moment connections, all of which consist of a channel section
>>as the beam, and a TS as the column (1/4" thickness).  All are
>>welded connections with no stiffener plates or continuity plates
>>at the column.

Take a look at the AISC HSS Connections Manual"">

It has a section on moment connections of hot-rolled shapes to HSS columns and discusses the directly welded configurations you describe. In most of your cases, HSS wall flexibility may mean that you can't develop the full strength of the beam. It also  may mean that the rotation you get under load is too large to call the connection FR. There is some forgiveness for small rotations since, as you know, no connection is really 100 percent fixed. If you want to put some numbers on it, a yield-line analysis may give you enough moment-rotation numbers to make the judgement.

There are many other details suggested in that publication for moment connections. Most are for w-shapes framing to HSS, but you can adapt to your situation as you see fit.

Hope this helps.