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Re: Brick Veneer Anchorage

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We have used Helifix type anchors in this situation. They provide very
positive anchorage and there is no free play. They are made of stainless
304 and are available from BlokLok (Canada). I know there are other
companies that make equivalents to these.

At 11:01 AM 1/25/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Could anyone tell me the typical anchorage detail for
>2.5" thick brick veneer to the concrete wall behind
>(both are new construction)for school (DSA) job?
>1. rebars or wires?
>2. 18" or 24" o/c each way?
>3. straight or 180 degree hook at anchorage end (next
>to the veneer surface)?
>4. any information available from manufacturer?
>Thanks in advance,
>James Lin
>IDS, Inc.

David Handy, P.Eng.
The Thompson Rosemount Group, Cornwall, Ont. Canada
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