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RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Colum

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> >Why more failures in connection? Because your connection design assumes a
> >perfect rigidity.
> Not at all. The tendency seems to be to design connections that can't 
> handle discontinuity loading produced by the attachment. Guy assumes pin 
> ended beams (worst case--for the beam, anyway), and figures the welded 
> connection at the end to handle only the vertical reactions. Turns out 
> that a moment develops at the ends (because the ends are attached to the 
> rest of the structure) that the weld can't handle and the connection 
> breaks.
You miss one important point. This thread discusses PR joints and FR/Perfect
rigid connections. Assumption of perfect rigid connection may be a hidden
cause to structural failure. That is the central point in my original post.
This thread does not summarize how many possibilities to cause a connection