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RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Colum

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> I think I'll stick to my guns--providing a specified stiffness in my part 
> of the the world is rather tricky and goes a lot further than calculating 
> deformations out of Roark, even in the case of simple springs. There's a 
> paper on one of the NASA sites (If you're interested I can supply a URL) 
> illustrating the stiffness of a bolted connection. Looks like quite a 
> job, even with all the idealizations that affect the accuracy. Hard to 
> imagine doing this without a flight hardware QA system to go along.
How about the actual stress distribution of a bolted connection? Stress
distribution has a similar situation, and idealization is necessary. Most
structural professionals do not have a problem with idealizations. That may
simplify the work. Possibly you are the only one who likes to criticize

Stress distribution on RC section is also complex. Idealization make design
work simple. It is nonsense to criticize idealizations.