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RE: Lateral load statistical basis

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Title: RE: Lateral load statistical basis


FWIW the British Standard 'BS5975:1996, Code of pracice for falsework' requires design for wind to a minimum return period of two years.

Regards,  Bob

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Subject: Lateral load statistical basis

I would like to get opinions on lateral loads on a structure that is going
to exist for only 35 days. When one looks at our building codes the wind and
seismic are based on a probability of occurrence. So is it to simplistic an
approach to expect to be able adjust these loads when the structure exists
for 35 days and not the statistical base. (50 years) If any information
sources related to this exist I would be interested. The related project to
this is removal of framing, structural retrofitting, remove and replace
equipment, and restore structure. This is a equipment support structure and
not a building. The equipment is tired and needs to be replaced. The
structure is being retrofitted for a temporary condition and it seems that
some adjustments to code lateral loads should be allowed in retrofits for a
35 day life structure. The local code for normal structures is 1998
California building code, seismic zone 4 & 70 mph wind.
Thanks in advance,
Bob Hanson

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