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RE: Quick Question: Library Stack Loads

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We just completed the design of a new library.  In addition to meeting the
code minimum loads, we asked the Architect for the typical stack layout.
Once given the aisle width, stack width and height, it was fairly
straight-forward to convert this to an equivalent uniform load for design of
the floor framing (using the density of paper, etc).  FYI, the loads based
on the planned stack layout were higher than the code minimum!

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Subject: Quick Question: Library Stack Loads

Hello all...

Wanted to find out what range of loading folks are using to design library
stack floors. I know there are numbers in the Codes and much of it will
depend on the type of book and the type/extent of shelves, but I thought I'd
find out what seem to be numbers that work in different cases.

Dave Adams, S.E.