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RE: 3x_ versus (2)-2x_

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You are asking a lot for a framer to spike together every (2)2x at 16",
12". etc. for bearing walls studs.  If they are just required at shear
wall panel edge studs, then he will also have to coordinate all of the
stud layouts with his planned sheathing sheet layout.  I would be most
concerned about the shear wall panel edge condition, because here the
size and quantity of spikes is critical to the design.  At bearing
studs, you just need enough nails to ensure that the stud not nailed to
the sheathing won't buckle in the minor axis.  (Odds are they will not
nail the sheathing and non-panel edges to both studs of the (2)2x
replacement studs.)

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E. 
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering 

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Subject: 3x_ versus (2)-2x_

A common request by contractors is can they substitute (2)-2x_ for the
3x_ studs we specify heavily nailed shear walls and bearing studs in the
lower levels of multi-story buildings (here in Seattle, 5 story
wood-framed structures are permitted) so long as the studs are spiked
together adequately to ensure shear transfer at panel edges.  Opinions?