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RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Colum

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> From: 	Christopher Wright[SMTP:chrisw(--nospam--at)]
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> Sent: 	Tuesday, January 25, 2000 11:53 PM
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> Subject: 	RE: Steel Moment Frame - Channel to TS Colum
> >Possibly you are the only one who likes to criticize
> >idealization.
> Not likely. I'm a great believer in the Einstein dictum, 'Simplify 
> everything as much as possible but no more.' Corrolary to that is another 
> firm belief, 'Complications may be warranted if the additional work shows 
> benefit or clarifies understanding.' 
> Chris:
> Actual stress distribution is always idealized. If we can have stress
> distribution, there is no problem to compute stiffness. You like to do
> nothing but criticization. Stress-strain relation is also a result from
> idealization, and is a sort of stiffness. You like to cirticize stiffness
> idealization. Do you criticize stress-strain relationship most structural
> professionals apply everyday?
> Additional work warrants a safer structure. Your design never satisfies
> the assumption you make in analysis. What is your warranty?