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RE: Anchor Bolt Straightening

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I believe you are referring to the prefab metal building industry.  If so,
they do not see local concrete crushing as a problem.  I can't say that I
have ever seen it as an issue on prefab metal buildings.

For the bigger heavy structural steel buildings the practice is to still use
grout.  The shim stacks are set on top of the setting template, the steel
column is set, and the grout is placed under the base plate after final
plumbing and alignment.

Harold Sprague

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> So the steel sheetmetal gets set in the concrete and left?  If it's flat
> and at least 16ga or so, that would also provide a level surface for the
> base plate.  It sounds like it would be a nice way to go.  
> This brings up a question I have wondered about, why don't steel buildings
> usually have NS grout??  
> Regards,
> Ed 
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> > This is a good opportunity to put gage metal setting 
> > templates and double
> > nut requirements in your specification.  It forces the 
> > contractor to tie off
> > the assembly.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Harold