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RE: unbraced comp flange

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Heath Mitchell wrote:

>>Yes.  The unbraced length for the lateral torsional buckling limit state is
simply the length of the beam.<<

PROVIDED (yes, I did want to shout), the ends of the member are held 
vertical!  If the ends of the member are not held in a vertical position, 
there is NO solution to the problem as torsion cannot develop.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 11:08 AM
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> Subject: RE: unbraced comp flange
> A curios situation: Can you have a WF beam with a completely unbraced
> compression flange? A WF sits on top of a column at each end 
> and has plate
> supported on the bottom flange and loads hung off the bottom 
> of the beam.
> nothing attaches to the top. Is this even allowed? The only 
> way lateral
> buckling is resisted is by bending of the web as the bot. 
> flng is held in
> place by the ceiling plate. Is that ok?
> matt jordan