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RE: Lateral load statistical basis

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What does the British Standard 'BS5975:1996 use for a probability of

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	RE: Lateral load statistical basis
> Bob. 
> FWIW the British Standard 'BS5975:1996, Code of pracice for falsework'
> requires design for wind to a minimum return period of two years.
> Regards,  Bob 
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> Subject: Lateral load statistical basis 
> List, 
> I would like to get opinions on lateral loads on a structure that is going
> to exist for only 35 days. When one looks at our building codes the wind
> and 
> seismic are based on a probability of occurrence. So is it to simplistic
> an 
> approach to expect to be able adjust these loads when the structure exists
> for 35 days and not the statistical base. (50 years) If any information 
> sources related to this exist I would be interested. The related project
> to 
> this is removal of framing, structural retrofitting, remove and replace 
> equipment, and restore structure. This is a equipment support structure
> and 
> not a building. The equipment is tired and needs to be replaced. The 
> structure is being retrofitted for a temporary condition and it seems that
> some adjustments to code lateral loads should be allowed in retrofits for
> a 
> 35 day life structure. The local code for normal structures is 1998 
> California building code, seismic zone 4 & 70 mph wind. 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Bob Hanson