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Windows NT Desktop Question

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Okay, all you computer gurus, I've a question for you:

I'm using Windows NT 4.0 SP 5. At one point, I had it set up with the
"Desktop Update" that makes it work more like Windows 98 (i.e. you can put
shortcuts on the taskbar, click on the taskbar button for an open window and
it "hides", etc.)

Then, last week, the computer crashed because of a bad case of STAAD
poisoning (about which more later). I had the IT guys reinstall it, and
after they did, my updated desktop was gone. I miss it very much.

Only thing is, the HELP file for Windoze seems to indicate that in order to
get it, you have to UNINSTALL Internet Explorer 5.x, reinstall IE 4.x,
UPDATE the desktop from there, THEN update your IE 4.x to IE 5.x. In other
words, IE 5.x doesn't have the capability to give you the updated desktop,
only IE 4.x does! But once you apply the update using IE 4.x, then IE 5.x
will recognize it. Is that whacked or what?

Any-hoo, if any one of you knows a way whereby I may restore my precious
Desktop Update, please let me know!