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RE: Stainless Steel and epoxy coated rebar.

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The SS tube depends on the type of stainless, and the size.  Reference:
Specialty Steel Industry of North America, 202-342-8630, "Specifications for
Stainless Steel". 
Or call a local steel warehouse like Ryerson, Edgecomb, etc. if you want a
common stainless and a common size.  You can get Carpenter 20 (sulfuric acid
piping) steel if you want it and can afford it.

The epoxy bar issue came to a head with a report by Ken Clear,
"Effectiveness of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel", June 1991, sponsored by
CRSI.  Ken said that corrosion migrated under the epoxy coating, and caused
death and general mayhem.  CRSI had Wiss, Janney & Elstner review Ken's work
and take another stab at corrosion & epoxy bar.  CRSI issued a report "CRSI
Performance Research: Epoxy Coated Reinforcing Steel" in June 1992, which
said that the bar Clear tested did not meet ASTM holiday requirements.
There was a major battle in court.  Law suits abounded and the attorneys
made a lot of money.  There were also some differences in the ASTM A775 and
the AASHTO epoxy bar specs (AASHTO accounted for job-site damage and repair,
ASTM did not).  These issues were quickly addressed.

Bottom line: the ASTM & AASHTO tightened up coating and holiday testing, the
epoxy coaters started doing a better job in QC, the spec writers paid more
attention to holiday testing in the field, and bridges throughout the US
still use epoxy bar.  

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Stainless Steel and epoxy coated rebar.
> I need to design a structural tube out of Stainless steel.
> Can anyone inform me on what type of steel this is
> ASTM # = ?
> fy = ?
> Epoxy coated rebar,
> I have heard some really bad things about epoxy coated rebar.  Can anyone 
> inform me on where I can get some literature about this.
> thanks in advance
> Marlou B. Rodriguez
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