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RE: Windows NT Desktop Question

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The easiest solution may be jus to wait a month and install Windows 2000 Professional which is the WinNT 4 Workstation upgrade. The live desktop is standard in that, I believe.

I had problems with the same thing and decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Mark E. Deardorff, SE
Deardorff & Deardorff, Inc.
Ramona, CA 92065

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> Subject: Windows NT Desktop Question
> Okay, all you computer gurus, I've a question for you:
> I'm using Windows NT 4.0 SP 5. At one point, I had it set up with the
> "Desktop Update" that makes it work more like Windows 98 
> (i.e. you can put
> shortcuts on the taskbar, click on the taskbar button for an 
> open window and
> it "hides", etc.)
> Then, last week, the computer crashed because of a bad case of STAAD
> poisoning (about which more later). I had the IT guys 
> reinstall it, and
> after they did, my updated desktop was gone. I miss it very much.
> Only thing is, the HELP file for Windoze seems to indicate 
> that in order to
> get it, you have to UNINSTALL Internet Explorer 5.x, reinstall IE 4.x,
> UPDATE the desktop from there, THEN update your IE 4.x to IE 
> 5.x. In other
> words, IE 5.x doesn't have the capability to give you the 
> updated desktop,
> only IE 4.x does! But once you apply the update using IE 4.x, 
> then IE 5.x
> will recognize it. Is that whacked or what?
> Any-hoo, if any one of you knows a way whereby I may restore 
> my precious
> Desktop Update, please let me know!