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RE: Windows NT Desktop Question

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Stan, that's where I'm at right now.
I've used STAAD ever since version 7, and I've never been fully happy with
it. However, when they started trying to "do Windows" a few years back, my
dissatisfaction grow enormously, mostly from having to deal with the
system-level crashes and whatnot.
We installed STAAD PRO 2000 Build 1002 on my machine about ten days ago, and
the next morning when I came in, the machine would NOT boot up. It kept
getting to the desktop, then giving me the "Blue Screen of Death". When
you're dealing with Windows NT, that's about as bad as it can get, because
it means somehow a program has managed to corrupt the OS itself.
Theoretically, that's supposed to be impossible, but you know...
When we reinstalled NT on the machine (which in this case made necessary a
reformat of the HD, losing all my "stuff" that then resided on it),
Everything was fine until I reinstalled STAAD. Then it promptly went
belly-up again!
We called the REI people, and they said, "oh, our program won't do that, but
we'll send you another install CD just because we're nice guys".

Lo and behold, when we got the CD, one week after the original one had come,
it said that it was "Build 1005". What the heck do you suppose it means when
they make three builds of a big program like that seemingly in about a
week's time? Hm?
My assumption is that something was wrong with it, and they KNEW something
was wrong with it.
Anyway, I tried to install the Build 1005 CD, but NT came back and said,
basically, "Hey, there's no data on this CD! Come back when you have
something of substance to feed me! Have a nice day!"
I haven't even bothered to contact REI again. This has essentially finished
me with them. Now I'm going to try something like RISA 3D or perhaps
VisualAnalysis (time to hit the archives to search for all the discussions
about this stuff).

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I can't help you with your NT4 problems, as I am a Win98 guy.  However, I
think that I know how to cure your case of "STAAD poisoning".  When I was
afflicted, I used a remedy called "uninstall permanently and never look
back"!  Please tell us your symptoms.