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RE: Windows NT Desktop Question

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Alas what it told you (about installing IE4.x then IE5.01) is the only way
to go.

MS in their infinite wisdom deemed the Active Desktop functionality of IE 4
unnecessary in IE 5 as "everyone in their right mind should have IE4 running
anyway"  Mind you that is not an exact quote from MS but still.  It would
appear that STAAD removed some common .dll's and this is why you lost it in
the first place.  It really looks like  you are going to have to :

1. un-install the works back down to SP3.

2. re-install Win NT Options Pack.

3. re-install IE 4.

4. re-install IE 5.

5. re-install SP5 or SP6a.  Do NOT install SP6 and MS goofed (there's a
first) and messed up Lotus Notes royally with SP6 and fixed the goof with

That right there can take anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hrs depending on processor,
I/O bus, and cd-rom speeds.  (it took me just under 2 hrs on a dual PII 450
100Mhz bus, & 50x cd-rom) so if you have and entire morning/afternoon to

Other than that you will not get that nifty Active Desktop back.

Hope this helps, or at least clarifies the problem and gives you a road map.

Mike Eaves
Pat Bales Architect, and Associates