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Re: Steel Tips

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Many of the Steel Tips publications are available on line at the AISC web
site (  Do a "search" for Steel Tips.

Charlie Vail

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I am looking for an old pamphlet.

The title is "Seismic Design Practice for Steel Buildings" by Roy Becker
1988.  It was originally distributed as part of the Steel Tips series by
Structural Steel Educational Council in Moraga, California.  The pamplet is
a design guide for SMRF, OMRF and OBF referenced to an earlier edition of
the UBC.  SSEC has told me it is unfortunately out of print and they cannot
furnish me a copy.

If anyone has a copy they would be kind enough to send me or if you know
where I may find one, I would greatly appreciate it.

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC