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Re: Stone

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Check out "Building With Stone" by Charles McRaven published 1980 by 
Lippincott & Crowell, republished 1989 by Storey Communications, Inc., 
Pownal, Vermont 05261.  It's a nontechnical, practical how-to book with 
construction details and rationale for the author's recommendations.  It 
includes a chapter on drystone work.

Do you know a source for information on structural design of a gravity 
retaining wall using dry-stacked stone?  I have a project in an archeological 
site for which an ordinary cantilever retaining wall would be too permanent 
and disruptive.  A dry-stacked wall could protect and conceal the site, but 
would be reversible some time in the future when archeologists of another 
generation decide to see it for themselves.  Archeologists seem to have as 
great a respect for the future as for the past.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer