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RE: Who's using ASD or LRFD?

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I have not been monitoring this list for that long so this is the first I
have seen this discussion.  
What I can see in the first few emails that have bent sent is that the
Engineers or EIT's that had LRFD in school are just now trying to pass the
PE Exam and become licensed.  During there EIT years the engineers had to
run the calculations in a manner that a PE could check them and therefore
had to use ASD.
This being the case I can see why there are not many practicing PE's out
there using LRFD.  Any major change in the way one thinks takes time to
LRFD is a radical change from ASD and if you did not go to school or take
classes, on all your spare time, you probably will not want to convert since
you do not know all the ins-and-outs or the code.  I think I was one of the
lucky few that did get to have both ASD and LRFD in school at the same time
and have been slowly working in LRFD at work and using less and less ASD
Don't be surprised if in about 3-5 years you start hearing much more about
LRFD being in the mainstream of design with more and more of the just
licensed PE's having been taught LRFD in school.  Just my thoughts on the
Keith Webb
Civil/Structural Engineer E.I.T.
Houston, TX

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This debate has been going for a long time.  I have given my
before but I will give it again.  Sorry folks,  here goes...I use ASD!
Everyone I know uses ASD!  For the most part, LRFD is not
used when
designing steel structures (at least not in the eastern
U.S.).  I know
that AISC is pushing LRFD, but if they could hear some of
the comments
from their  presenters (and audience) at their seminars they
probably turn red.  I'm not saying that LRFD is bad or that
ASD is
better.  I'm just stating the fact that ASD is widely used
by every
practicing professional engineer I know.  I know that some
folks on the
list will take this message the wrong I'm putting them down.
Wrong.  I admire individuals that keep up and try new
things.  Its just
that I don't know any practicing professional engineers
(outside this
list) who use LRFD.
Michael Ritter, PE