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Re: Requesting feedback on November 1999 Structural Welding seminar by SSTC.

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First, I am assuming that SSTC stands for Steel Structures Technology Center.

If the above is true, then I would answer with a qualified, but resounding
"YES".  The qualification is that I am assuming that your education was
like mine it that about the only thing about welding that was taught in
school was "this is what a fillet weld sign looks like and this is how you
calculate the fillet weld capacity."

I took the seminar in the Fall of 1998 and found it to be very interesting
and enlightening.  I learned alot about welding that was not taught in
school.  I highly recommend the seminar.  To date, it has been the most
useful seminar I have taken since graduating from school.

Hope that helps,


At 02:39 PM 01/27/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Did anyone here attend this seminar last year? If so could you tell us what
>you thought of it? It is being offered again this year and I like to know if
>we should attend.