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RE: Who's using ASD or LRFD?

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Back in my day...we didn't have no ASD or LRFD!  It was just BFD, and we
liked it!

In my office, I notice a lot of ASD designers still using DOS.  What's up
with that?

Just kidd'n,
John Connor

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Subject: RE: Who's using ASD or LRFD?

My opinion is "it doesn't matter what 'everyone else' is using".

When I put out a set of structural drawings, my end-users don't look it over
to see if they can determine if LRFD or ASD was used. Only I know.

I find LRFD to be much, much more logical and useful. I get some
satisfaction in knowing that the twenty-first century is right around the
corner (speaking of exhausted discussion threads!) and I'm more or less
aligned with that future, but ultimately that's my own personal
satisfaction, and my own choice.

Considering how old the "newest" ASD version of the code is (already having
been lapped once by the Second Edition LRFD, and about to be lapped again by
the Third Edition) I have some sense of security knowing that the results of
the latest thinking and research are collected in the design standards that
I use.

I don't use ACI 318-89 any more, and I don't use ASD '89 either.