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RE: Non destructive testing

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Roger's test is the most economical, but if the guys in the pin stripe suits
show up call Olson Engineering for some NDT
using impact echo.

Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Thursday, January 27, 2000 5:02 PM
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> Subject:	Non destructive testing
> David,
> Spray water on the wall or wait until after a rain.  The cells with grout 
> will be wet and stand out like a sore thumb --- the cells without grout
> will 
> be dry and match the color of dry block.
> If there is a big argument, drill some 1/4-inch diameter holes where you 
> suspect there isn't grout.  If there isn't grout in the cell, you will
> bang 
> your head against the wall after drilling 1-1/4 inches (for 8-inch cmu).
> Hope this helps.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> David Hall wrote:
> >>Does anyone know of a non-destructive method to determine if grout has
> been
> placed in voids of a recently constructed small masonry building.
> We suspect shenanigans in Texas.<<