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RE: 3x_ versus (2)-2x_

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I might be confused on the issue of 3x vs. 2x lumber since I have had no
problems with contractors obtaining the materials. Isn't it reasonable to
assume that as the code requires the use of 3x material for shear above 350
plf that the demand will resolve the shortage issues in a very short period
of time? Or, is this problem typical in area's outside the higher seismic


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I'm curious, Jeff, how heavy are your "heavily nailed shear walls"?  How
double-stud nailing would be required?  What are the chances that all of
nailing will be properly completed?  Will the 2x studs take all these nails
into 2 faces without expiring (AKA splitting)?

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

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<< A common request by contractors is can they substitute (2)-2x_ for the
studs we specify heavily nailed shear walls and bearing studs in the lower
levels of multi-story buildings (here in Seattle, 5 story wood-framed
structures are permitted) so long as the studs are spiked together
to ensure shear transfer at panel edges.  Opinions?