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Re: USACE TI 809-04 Seismic Design for Buildings

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For certain Performance Objectives in the subject document, such as 2A (Safe 
Egress for Special Occupancy, Table 4-6) , and 3B (Immediate Occupancy for 
Essential Facility, Table 4-7) look like FEMA 273, Linear Static Procedures 
and FEMA 273, Nonlinear Static Procedures, respectively.

Before you get too involved using these FEMA 273, Linear Static and Nonlinear 
Static Procedures, I recommend that you obtain FEMA 343, "Case Studies: An 
Assessment of the NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of 
Buildings" which is a BSSC Case Studies Report that reports on  the 
application of FEMA 273 Guidelines to over forty case study existing 
buildings. (Call FEMA Publications at 1-800-480-2520 for your free copy.)  
This excellent report was written by Andrew Merovich, Project Technical 
Advisory, who worked for John Blume many years ago and managed this BSSC Case 
Studies Project. 

To get you started in reading FEMA 343, turn to page 89, Section 6.2, 
Technical Adequacy, Item T1, which discusses the serious problems how FEMA 
273 attempts to address the issues related to overturning using the FEMA 273 
Linear Static Procedure.

I was a Peer Review working with three consulting structural engineer firms 
in the San Francisco Bay Area that were three of the forty Design Firms that 
applied FEMA 273 and developed FEMA 273, Linear Static and Nonlinear Static 
evaluation analyses and rehabilitation designs as well as prevailing practice 
(1994 UBC seismic provisions, etc.) evaluation analyses and rehabilitation 
designs to the existing buildings assigned them.  They prepared structural 
seismic calculations, schematic rehabilitation designs good enough for 35% 
progress cost estimates, and definitive reports that included the structural 
design costs and construction costs for the FEMA 273  Linear Static and 
Nonlinear Static procedures as well as for prevailing practice.  These design 
and construction cost comparisons are very interesting to get a "first order" 
handle on the relative design and constructions costs for these three 

FEMA 343 will tell you where the bodies are buried. 

Frank E. McClure    January 28, 2000
Telephone: 1-925-254-8231    Fax: 1-925-254-4602