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Re: 3x_ versus (2)-2x_

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UBC Table 23-II-I-1, footnote 3 clearly has the minimum requirement for"all
framing members receiving edge nailing from abutting panels shall not be
less than a single 3-inch nominal member (for allowable shear >350PLF)" This
would clearly indicate that 2-2x's are not acceptable. As an alternative,
4x's may also be used.  In the 5 jurisdictions that we do the Building
Department administration for, 2-2x's are not acceptable. Conceder is
failure occurred how 2-2x's instead of the required minimum single 3x would
stand in a court of law.
Thanks Tom
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> I might be confused on the issue of 3x vs. 2x lumber since I have had no
> problems with contractors obtaining the materials. Isn't it reasonable to
> assume that as the code requires the use of 3x material for shear above
> plf that the demand will resolve the shortage issues in a very short
> of time? Or, is this problem typical in area's outside the higher seismic
> regions?
> Dennis
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> I'm curious, Jeff, how heavy are your "heavily nailed shear walls"?  How
> much
> double-stud nailing would be required?  What are the chances that all of
> this
> nailing will be properly completed?  Will the 2x studs take all these
> into 2 faces without expiring (AKA splitting)?
> Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
> Richmond CA USA
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> << A common request by contractors is can they substitute (2)-2x_ for the
> 3x_
> studs we specify heavily nailed shear walls and bearing studs in the lower
> levels of multi-story buildings (here in Seattle, 5 story wood-framed
> structures are permitted) so long as the studs are spiked together
> adequately
> to ensure shear transfer at panel edges.  Opinions?
>  >>