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Re: Circular Concrete Tanks without Prestressing

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From: David Hall <Dahl(--nospam--at)>
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Date: 26 Ocak 2000 Çarþamba 02:34
Subject: Circular Concrete Tanks without Prestressing

Our firm has designed a circular concrete tank to be constructed in northern
Washington.  The design was done under the above listed publication.
However, this design was done from what I am now told a 1960's version of
this publication.  I have a copy of the 1993 version.

Anyway, the base slab was detailed as being placed in segments (8 total)
opposite of each other within the tank with expansion joints separating
these pours and an 18 " wide by 12" reinforced continuous footing below this
joint to prevent differential sentiment which would cause leaks.  This is
the recommended method prescribed in the 1960's version.

The 1993 version as eliminated this method and recommends using ACI 350R
with consideration given for the "z" factor to reduce cracking.

Can anyone tell me why the 1960's method was removed from the code.  I am
providing the final QM review and the engineer who designed the tank insists
his design is the way to go.

Also, that tank is above grade and seismic considerations were accounted
for.  Plans are going out to bid shortly.

Thank you for your assistance.

David A. Hall, S.E., P.E.