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RE: structural properties of metal stud framing

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Unfortunately, most of these are proprietary sections at this time due to
the various configurations of perforations through the light gauge studs.
You can try and contact some of the larger companies like Angeles Metal
Products in Los Angeles - or better yet, contact Larry Williams at the LGSEA
(Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association) at LGSEA(--nospam--at) You also might
consider using joist materials for studs since these are not perforated
(assuming that you don't need to put electrical or other utilities through
the bulkhead framing. Although a little more expensive, the section
properties are more consistent.
Hope this helps

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Subject: structural properties of metal stud framing

I am designing a lightweight bulkhead that spans 20ft. I want to use
standard drywall channels. Can anyone tell me where i can get the
relevant structural properties of the mambers? Suppliers in the West
Indies do not seem to have this info.
Mark Francois