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Re: Who's using ASD or LRFD?

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Spoken like a true believer

>>>Message text written by INTERNET:seaint(--nospam--at)
>Sorry Mr. Ritter,
Your all quotes are untrue. Contrary to your believes let me update you on 
the following:
1. LRFD is being used for designing steel structure.
2. Yes, Lots of people in eastern U.S. use LRFD for steel design !!!!
3. No. ASD is not used widely by every practicing Professional Engineer.
4. I did not see "audience Turing red" in AISC seminars or lecture serise.
5. Do not blame AISC for any thing. They are not pushing LRFD. AISC has
us choices. It is for us to progress (LRFD) or stay behind (ASD).

L.H.K. Sharan, PE

Let us say it like it is.  AISC owns the football ( ASD) but now wants to
play basketball (LRFD) and dosen't want anybody else to play football.

I am sorry.  I try not to get involved in religious battles but item 5
above was such a blatant example of double speak that I felt the need to be

Mark Gilligan