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RE: Strength axis of plywood

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Thank you Roger for you response. However, your response does not answer my question. I will ask the question in a better manner.

What is the definition of the strength axis of a plywood panel?

Thank you,

James Allen, P.E.
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Subject:	Strength axis of plywood

James Allen wrote:

>>UBC 97, Tables 23-II-E-1 7 23-II-E-2 refer to the strength axis of plywood
panels. Which is the strength axis? Assuming an 8x4 panel is the strength axis
parallel to the 8 foot side or the 4 foot side?

The way I read these tables plywood is stronger when the 8 foot side is
parallel to the supports. Is this correct?<<


Plywood has greater strength when its face grain direction is perpendicular 
to the supports.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona