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Re: 3x_ versus (2)-2x_

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> Jeff Creagan wrote:
> A common request by contractors is can they substitute (2)-2x_ for the
> 3x_ studs we specify heavily nailed shear walls and bearing studs in
> the lower levels of multi-story buildings (here in Seattle, 5 story
> wood-framed structures are permitted) so long as the studs are spiked
> together adequately to ensure shear transfer at panel edges.
> Opinions?

Another question, if I design the A.B.'s for double the force (or half
stress) I can use 2x's below 600 plf.  What do you do with the wall
above on a two story residence?  There is no anchor bolts, so is 2x ok
up to 600 plf?

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT