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RE: ASD vs. LRFD for Steel, Wood

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For those in California, SEAOSC is planning an LRFD seminar for Wood
structures sometime at the end of March. I would guess the price of the
seminar to be more economical to those of us on a budget.

Dennis Wish, PE
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Subject: ASD vs. LRFD for Steel, Wood

I keep seeing everyone discussing the pros & cons of ASD and LRFD, and
how LRFD may or may not be the future, and how maybe LRFD really isn't
all that different from ASD, and even whether LRFD can be used for sawm
lumber, engineered wood products, etc.

I'll make my suggestion again - Sign-up for the NCSEA Structural
Engineering Winter Institute and find out what LRFD is really all about.
The program will cover steel (presented by AISC), wood, including sawn
lumber (presented by AF&PA/AWC) and concrete (presented by PCA.)

The last day for early regiatration saving is MONDAY, January 31, 2000.
Call the NCSEA office at (312) 372-8035 to register.

Visit the NCSEA website for complete information,

Benjamin R. Baer, PE, SE
Program Chair