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Re: Strength axis of plywood

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Dear Jason,

Plywood is most likely an odd number of plies but there is 4 ply plywood out
there, and I believe 3 ply in addition to the 5 ply plywood.

Patrick Rodgers

Jason Emoto wrote:

> From: "James Allen"
> What is the definition of the strength axis of a plywood panel?
> *********
> Plywood is built up of an odd number of laminations of veneer that are
> "cross-laminated".  In other words, each alternating layer is oriented
> perpendicular to its neighbors.  When the stress is parallel to the long
> direction of the panel, there are more layers that are stressed parallel to
> grain and they are located farther from the neutral axis.  Therefore, the
> panel is stronger in this direction.
> Jason Emoto