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RE: MSIE or Netscape

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] My personal preference is IE. I remember that my first try was Netscape and it wasn't bad. Then I tried to install both and everything was messed up! So I switched to IE and I haven't had any problem in any site yet! (Knock the wood!)
Good luck!
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Subject: RE: MSIE or Netscape
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 07:33:12 -0800

The answer is usually based more on prejudice than any real
substantive difference. They have differences significant
enough that some sites appear with significant differences
when viewed with different browsers.

Since they are both free, why not install both on your
system? I personally use Internet Explorer but I must admit
that I am not a Microsoft hater.

Mark Deardorff

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> Subject: MSIE or Netscape
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> Hi!
> Although this is a non-structural question, I just would
> to know or
> hear the opinion of structural engineers
> Which is better, Microsoft Internet Explorer  or Netscape?
That is for
> surfing, browsing, downloading and all the activites
involving the net
> including the accompanying software for chatting and
> Any comments are welcomed .

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