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AISC 1999 LRFD Spec.

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I have been reading your interesting comments on the list, and in the last one you have pointed out a very important issue:

>Since then, there have been two revisions of the LRFD Speciication: the 1993 revision (in print) and the 1999 revision (being >finalized right now). In each of those revisions, a little more has been added that differentiates LRFD from ASD. The 1999 LRFD >Specification will have, among other things, explicit treatment of srength and stiffness requirements for stability bracing for beams, >columns, frames, etc., a section on evaluation and load testing of existing structures, and a major improvement to fatigue >provisions.

When it is expected to be published (and when AISC is expecting to sell it), and which other major changes are addressed on it.

Fabricio Rosales
Structural Engineering Consultant