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Re: AISC 1999 LRFD Spec.

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> fabricio rosales wrote:
> Charlie,
> I have been reading your interesting comments on the list, and in the
> last one you have pointed out a very important issue:
> >Since then, there have been two revisions of the LRFD Speciication:
> the 1993 revision (in print) and the 1999 revision (being >finalized
> right now). In each of those revisions, a little more has been added
> that differentiates LRFD from ASD. The 1999 LRFD >Specification will
> have, among other things, explicit treatment of srength and stiffness
> requirements for stability bracing for beams, >columns, frames, etc.,
> a section on evaluation and load testing of existing structures, and a
> major improvement to fatigue >provisions.
> When it is expected to be published (and when AISC is expecting to
> sell it), and which other major changes are addressed on it.
> Fabricio Rosales
> Structural Engineering Consultant
> frosales(--nospam--at)

Go to AISC's web site, a preliminary version is already available (for
comment for those of you interested).  I was told the current revisions
would be available this year at a seminar in November or December, I
don't remember.

Only "minor" changes to most of it, however major changes in the seismic
provisions.  The seismic stuff is already available, again just see the
AISC web sight.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT
(LRFD born and bread)